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Quotes and proposals do not guarantee availability of rental equipment. Equipment will be reserved only upon receipt of a signed rental contract. Final payment is due three weeks prior to your event date.


When you reserve a tent and any accessories  we immediately remove them from our inventory and schedule a crew. Therefore, any cancellation received within three weeks of the installation date will not be issued for unused equipment.


Client understands that tents are temporary structures designed to provide limited protection from weather conditions, primarily sun and rain. However, there may be situations particularly involving strong winds and lightning, that will not provide protection and may damaged or blow over. Evacuation of tents to avoid possible injury is recommended when severe weather threatens the area where tents are erected. People must leave the tents and not seek shelter in tents during these conditions. It is best to evacuate when in doubt. Client understands that it is their responsibility to be aware of the changing weather conditions and exercises their best judgment regarding the evacuation of the tents. Client agrees that in the event of a predicted storm or excessive winds, Parties & Events may dismantle any equipment that has been previously installed to ensure safety of all involved. (if there is time to do so)


If the wind is 20-30 MPH we will assess whether we will erect the tent or not. Also charges may be added if we have to travel to the tent location for a 2nd time.


Client agrees that if any legal proceedings that are brought against Parties & Events to recover compensation for injuries to individuals or damages to property occurring in connection with the event, client will provide a defensed for Parties & Events and its employees named in such proceedings and will indemnify Parties & Events and its employees for any judgment rendered against them.


Installation of a tent must be done correctly for the protection of the users, the tent, and ultimately the success of you event. Therefore, it is our strict policy that all installation and take downs are done by our experienced crews. All prices quoted will include these services. Once Parties & Events have started on the setup of structure, it cannot be moved. Note: Tent cannot be moved in any form or fashion, based on prior arrangements of tent location. Parties & Events require that Customer calls 811 to get Approval to stake our Tents


We recommend that the tent site sold should be on a sound and solid surface. Site inspections are encouraged and provide free of charge by Parties & Events. The client is responsible for locating any utility or waterline that is onsite. The first step or crews take installing a tent is to spread it out where the tent is being erected. Please have this area completely clear of obstructions before we arrive at the job site. In the like manner, the tent must be totally empty before we can take it down. Fees will be applied if these polices are not met. The tent crew must be notified of an underground water, electrical or sewer lines. Parties & Events is not responsible for hitting any line associated with the erection of the tent.


Erecting a tent on a non-asphalt or concrete surface is a routine operation, requiring that we drive iron stakes that are approximately 3ft. long and 1in. in diameter through the surface. After the stakes are removed, there will be minimal damage to the surface.


This process is used when there is not an option to stake into the ground. There must be access to water for Parties & Events to fill 55 gallon barrels, which are used as anchor to secure the structure.


It is the responsibility of the renter to check with your building and fire department prior to the installation date, to confirm the requirements for the permit. We will assist you in any way possible, ultimately it is the responsibility of the renter to obtain these permits. Parties & Events will usually provide the paperwork to obtain the proper permits. Building permit fees will apply after customer provides tent location layout.


Parties & Events, does it’s best to protect your property during the delivery, installation and removal process. Client agrees to release Parties & Events of any liability for any damage to any property due to delivery, installation and removal of equipment on client property. This includes but is not limited to ruts in grass, scratches or cracks on the installed surface, and high wind related damages. Client also understands that tents are temporary structures ad may leak during heavy rain.


The tent needs to be inspected by client upon installation, to ensure that it is in good condition. Discovered defects should be immediately reported to the crew supervisor on site that did the installation. Once the crew has the tent set up, the tent cannot be moved to another location. Tents will be set up on location based on location agreed upon. If winds exceed 30 mph, Parties & Events must be notified. If failed to do so, Parties & Events is not responsible for damage caused by negligence. A qualified supervisor from Parties & Events will need to be notified prior to occurring damages to a tent. The supervisor will make the necessary decision to either take down the tent or keep it up. Parties & Events will not refund the cost of tent, due to the unforeseeable weather issues. City of Amarillo Tent Permit Fee (paid by customers) are $185.00 Monday through Friday, and $345.00 for weekends and after hours. Prices do not include delivery fee. For emergencies or concerns, please call our office at 806-355-7763 or our tent director at 806-236-1725

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